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Discover new possibilities and take a step to the next level with the knowledge and support you need.

Athletes & Performers

Create a mindset that can propel you towards mastery, help overcome obstacles, or maintain excellence in your respective performance domain.

Teams or Groups

By incorporating concepts such as cohesion, leadership and communication, team and group dynamics can be more efficient, productive, and enjoyable.

Public speaking & events

Explore the possibility of using a seminar, workshop or presentation to provide an interactive environment focused on performance related topics.

Business & Corporate

Develop a personalized strategy to combat the unique challenges of a demanding workplace environment.

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What we offer

Sportivo Baleno provides elite performance consulting in areas such as mental skills, mindfulness, team culture, and other sports psychology topics. Individual sessions are available both in person and online. Group workshops are offered for athletic, business, or any performance area.

Mental Skills
Mindfulness Coaching

Learn mental skills and mindfulness strategies to assist in areas such as motivation, confidence, concentration, and relaxation.


Regardless of your location, Sportivo Baleno offers international remote consulting, serving elite athletes and professionals in all areas of the world.


As a former collegiate soccer player and coach of over ten years, David specializes in soccer specific knowledge and mental preparation.

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